Possible subsidies for solar panels on their homes?

Possible subsidies for solar panels on their homes?

BiH can in the next period from funds earmarked for combating climate change withdraw tens of millions of euros, according to informed local experts in this field, and it is possible state subsidies for the installation of solar panels on private facilities.

The money from the fund would primarily be focused in two directions – the green economy and projects of energy efficiency. As expected, the old buildings of institutions, dilapidated schools and hospitals will receive new “clothes”, but also it would be and the change of energy at the plant.

“A lot of factors must be taken into account so that we can now say specific figures, but the investment of 5,000 to 10,000 euros average household in our climate would cover at least 50 percent of its electricity needs,” said Goran Trbic, a member of the expert team representing Bosnia and Herzegovina in connection with combating climate change and the dean of the Faculty of Sciences in Banja Luka.

What would a subsidy for households exactly was difficult to say at this point, but certainly would be significant, says Trbic, and that would be particularly useful for home on inaccessible terrain that are difficult to bring electricity to standard methods.

“Households would largely become an independent, has made huge savings over the years and it is of great importance for society – not just individuals – is that we thereby reduce emissions,” said Trbic. Trbic has recently returned from China with another world summit on the problems of climate change, with whom, in spite of the real problem which is expected planet, and brought good news. According to him, major powers such as Russia, China, America, and the larger EU member states have realized the weight of the moment.

“I saw the willingness of all of them to limit their emissions, and also to invest heavily in projects to mitigate climate change,” said Trbic.

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