Posušje received first solar bench

Posušje received first solar bench

On Monday, in Posuski city park was installed the first solar bench in the West Herzegovina County and beyond.

Set bench “Easybench” will allow all-day access to electricity for communication devices, while the city is hereby increased level of awareness of renewable energy sources.

It is a grant firms Sole from Posusje and Energomobil from Zagreb aiming to stimulate greater use of green and sustainable technologies.

The bench has four USB ports. It is important that the bench produced in Posusje, where the company Sole plans to build a manufacturing plant. We are currently seeking land for production and storage area, a statement from the company said.

Mayor Posušje Branko Bago expressed his satisfaction that he could support this initiative.

“We are pleased that the Administration Posušje chosen to set up the bench. I hope that the initiator in our city to run a manufacturing plant and thus prove once again that the Posusje environment is desirable for investors,” said Chief of Bago.

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