Preparations for the construction of mini hydro power plant on the river Prevent

Preparations for the construction of mini hydro power plant on the river Prevent

On the river Prevent, about 1,000 meters upstream from the bridge on the way Peter - Orahovica, by the end of November 2017, will be built mini hydropower Spreča. This was said on 1 December at a meeting of the Mayor Peter and representatives of the company EEH Hydropower Gracanica, according to the website of the municipality.

– Activities in the construction of mini hydro power plants we started six years ago and after a number of procedures in November this year, we received a decision on the approval for construction. This has created conditions for construction works, a company Geokonika Doboj is on the ground already begun staking Spreča river – said the director of EEH Hydropower Edin Osmanovic.

According to him, in the next period following works on cleaning and arrangement of the riverbed in the length of about 2,500 meters, and then the construction of the building mini hydroelectric power plants. Also, on both banks of the river upstream of the said bridge, access roads will be built, efforts will be “tightening” coast, and part will be fixed and stone retaining wall.

– Everything that we do in the arrangement will work right and on the left bank of the river, except in the mouth of Jadrina to prevent, where a minefield. However, as soon as the specified site cleared of mines will subsequently execute and regulation of that part. Also, we are ready to participate in financing the rehabilitation of the bridge on the river Prevent, amounting to 50% of the necessary funds, which according to the estimate of the value of the works is estimated at 50,000 marks – said Osmanovic.

Mayor of Petrovo Ozren Petkovic said that the municipality, as well as the municipalities of Gracanica, this project will have multiple benefits.

– River bed will be cleaned and arranged over a length of 2.5 kilometers, which will prevent flooding of adjacent lands. Instead of the current overgrown and neglected shores, we will have decorated the coast and above all the municipal budget will have a regular annual income on behalf of the concession fee – said Petkovic.

The procedure of obtaining the necessary decisions and permits for the construction of mini hydroelectric power were involved competent institutions and Serbian Republic and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as of Petrovo and Gracanica.

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