Radioactive waste in warehouses without a license!

Radioactive waste in warehouses without a license!

Bosnia and Herzegovina has no central repository for the disposal of radioactive waste so that it is kept in temporary storage that are not licensed, do not meet international standards and are mostly full.

It is mainly found in the circles of old industrial plants, where radioactive sources are used, and how many there are, nobody wants or does not know how to say.

If I could have centalno warehouse and thus solve this problem, they could not tell us in the State regulatory agency for radiation protection and nuclear safety.

“Procedures in connection with the new central warehouse for radioactive sources that are no longer used are still in progress. Would be appropriate location non-perspective military assets to its characteristics able to satisfy international standards for the construction and operation of such a facility,” said the agency.

They claim that BiH has a small amount of radioactive waste, very low activity, and that the warehouse under constant supervision of inspectors and that there is no danger for the population.

However, the annual report on the state of radiation and nuclear safety for the previous year, which was prepared precisely Agency, says something different.

Thus, the storage of radioactive materials located within the complex of the Federal Police in Sarajevo and managed by the Institute of Public Health.

The storage capacity is nearly full, but because of administrative barriers in this warehouse can possibly stored radioactive sources from the territory of the FBiH only in case of emergencies.

When the RS is concerned, waste until recently stored in the factory “Čajavec”, where it is still located in a sealed container in the Institute for Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and where it will remain until it is built the central warehouse.

“This situation is very risky due to the fact that radioactive sources could pose a risk to the safety and health of the population and pose a fundamental threat to the security in BiH if they get into the wrong hands because they can be used for terrorist activities,” according to the same report.

Control of institutions and individuals who have sources of radiation or perform activities with them shows that the situation is not at all naive.

The 76 inspections over the past year it has been found non-compliance in the field of radiation and nuclear safety.

In four cases, inspectors have ordered the measures due to the risk to human health and the environment, and in seven cases issued the decision to ban the operation exposed personnel.

According to the same report, the biggest problem in the country are still radioactive lightning rods and smoke detectors, that would represent a problem due to improper removal.

When the control of water, earth, air and food are concerned, tests have shown that the majority of controlled clinical samples was correct except for one sample mushrooms.

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