RADOJIČIĆ: Plant does not have the money for the purchase of fuel oil

RADOJIČIĆ: Plant does not have the money for the purchase of fuel oil

Mayor of Banja Luka Igor Radojicic said today it is very concerned about how it will end up heating season in this city, because Plant currently has 85 million KM long and there is not a brand for the purchase of fuel oil.

– Plant is a nightmare, to put it simply. Plant now has the capacity to self-solve anything, as a company, because it is a company that is to operate in the market. They entered the season without fuel oil and I am very worried that we will finish the season heating in general – said Radojicic.

He pointed out that there is no support of the City of Banja Luka and the RS Government at this time the city would have remained without heating in the middle of winter.

According to his words during the discussions on the technical and financial restructuring with the EBRD and other organizations in order to solve this problem for next season.

– It’s pretty much a given that must make the new facility, which will be a new energy source, wood. If we are able to financially close the structure is optimal to use the next construction season and the next heating season, welcome the new heating plant. Any other alternative is disastrous because this system which produces around 15 million KM loss is unbearable – said Radojicic.

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