Renewable energy is one of the key areas for sustainable development

Renewable energy is one of the key areas for sustainable development

Bosnia and Herzegovina has prepared, adopted and submitted the Action Plan for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to the Energy Community, and thus fulfilled part of the commitments, but also created a medium-term vision strategy using renewable energy sources for energy production and consumption.

– To achieve the set target total of 40 percent renewable energy in 2020 for Bosnia and Herzegovina, intended is system of incentives, of which bioenergy is planned to give seven percent in electricity production, and currently none of the plant is not in operation due to certain obstacles – said Nihad Harbaš, advisor for renewable energy in the German society for international Cooperation – GIZ.

According to him, the sectors of heating and cooling are not intended for the promotion, and it is necessary to develop new models and do projects using biomass as a domestic energy source, cost-effective, both in normal as well as in innovative machinery.

Speaking of biomass as an energy source, he said Harbaš, should know that the question of its availability, storage and prices is very complex and requires in-depth analysis before implementation. Biomass supply chain is complex and you need to find the best the solution in terms of creating potential of various regions for the collection, storage and use of biomass for the production and use of energy and power.

On the other hand, energy efficiency plays an important role in terms of the application of energy efficiency measures, and reducing energy demand-side energy use.

– The connection between these two areas and solving legal, social and financial barriers, is essential to creating business environments to attract from domestic investment, creating a sustainable model of financing, market development, contributing to sustainable development of local communities, increase benefits for ordinary citizens through employment, and ultimately fulfilling the obligations assumed under the Treaty establishing the energy community – added Harbaš.

The field of renewable energy, he said, is one of the key areas for future sustainable development of communities, and on it, along with energy efficiency, the EU and the Energy Community increasingly insist.

Renewable Energy Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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