Rimac announces e-bike with the longest range in the world

Rimac announces e-bike with the longest range in the world

Mate Rimac has a new product that could raid the market of electric vehicles

Mate Rimac, whose company Rimac Automobili behind already has a successful project electric supercar “Concept One”, has announced another new feature that would be released from the factory in the summer. It is the third generation of electric bikes Greyp G12H. His predecessor, G12S version was the fastest electric bike in the world that had a range of 120 kilometers and a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. G12H will be faster, but what it offers is extraordinary and will make a full and automotive competition in terms of the maximum distance you can go with a single charge. In fact, its top speed is lowered to 45 kilometers per hour, while the range significantly increased, from 120 to even 240 kilometers, which takes care of the battery pack of 3 kWh. The news on his Facebook profile published and I Mate Rimac, noting that Geyp G12H e-bike with the longest range in the world, reports the business daily.

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