Romania needs new targets for renewables

Romania needs new targets for renewables

As it stands now, incentives for use of renewable sources of January 1, 2017 in Romania may no longer be.

According to officials of the Romanian Ministry of Energy, Romania will have to look for new targets for renewables, for which reason it will be the existing scheme of awarding green certificates suspended until 31.12.2016. year .

To make matters worse, the Ministry does not plan to establish a new scheme to encourage that continued to be in force from 01.01.2017. year .

On the other hand, the Ministry has not established no minimum price of green certificates, where it was proposed that it be 20 euros per certificate, which is under pressure from the economy could increase to 27 euros per certificate, which would be a return to the values of 2011.

Accordingly, in Romania reduced power generation facilities using renewable sources by 9.5% in the first half of 2016 compared to the end of 2015. According to the Romanian transmission system operator Translectrica, this power currently amounts to 4653 MW, reports Romanian portal ‘Nine o’ Clock ‘.

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