Rose fee for renewable energy in RS

Rose fee for renewable energy in RS

Electricity consumers in the Republic of Serbian unpleasantly surprised by the January electricity bills. Rose the fee for renewable electricity. With the December 0,0025 KM plus the account on January 0,0044 KM per kilowatt, or for households on average from one brand to 1.7 to 2 KM.

Distribution companies Elektroprivreda RS overbooked by the calls of citizens who are not informed about the increase in prices.

Energy Regulatory Commission RS decision on the new charges for renewable electricity has passed, according to the official website of the Commission, on 25 November last year.

Explaining the decision at length explained that the input parameters for determining the new amount of the compensation funds in excess of 19 million, which are needed for the payment of premium incentives planned production of electricity from renewable sources.

This decision Energy Regulatory Commission approval by the Government of the Republic of Serbian. The new price compensation shall be calculated from January 1.

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