RSA – new promised land for wind farms

RSA – new promised land for wind farms

South Africa has become a new major center for the construction of wind farms.

It is expected that by 2020, South Africa’s newly installed power plants reach 3 GW, which will force these plants in South Africa to increase to 5.6 GW, reveals consulting firm GlobalData.

Until 2012, in South Africa the production of energy from wind almost did not exist, and the power of wind farms amounted to only 10 MW. But in 2013, the newly installed wind power was 30 MW, to be increased in 2014 for another 606 MW, and in 2015 for another 483 MW.

The expansion of the application of wind energy will help RSA in achieving climate goals, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions because the South African energy system, in which most participate coal power plants emit about 250 million. t of carbon dioxide equivalent godiđnje, and will be on the realization of all planned wind power projects in 2020 to reduce CO2 emissions reduced by 6.4 million. t, and in 2025 to 12.7 million. t, occurs Russian portal ‘Oil and Gas Eurasia.

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