Cooperation between USAID and Elektroprenos BiH milestone for future investments

Cooperation between USAID and Elektroprenos BiH milestone for future investments

Director of the USAID Mission in BiH, Peter Duffy, and managing director of Elektroprenos BiH, Mato Zaric, signed a Memorandum of Understanding defining the cooperation between the Transmission Company and USAID's project Investing in energy sector (USAID EIA) in the analysis of the licensing process for the construction of various investment projects in the energy sector in BiH.

“The development of the transmission network in BiH, as part of the Balkan network is important for the entire region, and from the standpoint of security of supply and for the further development of the electricity market. Since the project of the Energy Community of major importance for the entire region, they should be given priority in the issuance of permits for construction, in line with EU legislation. we are pleased that the Transmission Company, as a socially responsible company, recognized the need to improve the legislative and regulatory framework. therefore, we hope, this joint effort help to simplify the licensing process for all participants in it, “said Peter Duffy, Director of the USAID Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Transmission Company and USAID EIA will focus on a number of different investment projects in different areas in which Transmission Company plans to invest more than 28 million. USAID EIA will follow the permitting process, with the aim of identifying legislative, regulatory and administrative barriers that investors face in investing in BiH. Based on this analysis, USAID EIA will recommend measures at all levels, which will shorten and simplify the procedures and encourage investment in the energy sector in BiH.

Otherwise, for the construction of any power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina investors must provide a large number of permits and approvals from several different institutions. This practice is extremely long and demanding process of licensing knew unfortunately result in the abandonment and the most determined investors and they are leaving BiH.

To date, the US Government, primarily through USAID, has provided more than $ 1.7 billion to help the economic, democratic and social progress in BiH.

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