Sarajevo received the first underground containers for modern waste disposal

Sarajevo received the first underground containers for modern waste disposal

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina began work on more modern mode of waste collection by incorporating underground containers. In the municipality of Novo Sarajevo today presented this ecological project, and the first underground containers were set on Heroes Square.

Director KJKP RAD Selim Babic said that it is a pilot project that will be implemented in the municipalities of Novo Sarajevo, Center and Old Town.

“The word of the underground containers where it can be disposed of separately glass, paper and other waste. Larger volumes and are located below ground level and above is only a place where garbage is collected. In addition to significantly higher capacity has beautiful outdoor ambient look for urban settlements. I hope that this new approach to take hold as they already have in other cities, “said Babic.

He pointed out that this expensive project, but a long-term and improves the quality of living of people in urban areas. Prime Minister KS Elmedin Konaković said that this new concept of waste collection to be the trend in the next few years.

“We hope to soon replace all old containers and expand activities to raise awareness of people about what it means recycling and create a campaign that the waste is disposed. The result is a beautifully landfill that has a number of advantages. There will be no other stray animals that carry the trash . we are trying to do this since the end of last year, but we encountered problems with underground installations and places where you can set up because it requires a lot of places over. we are working to be placed in the center of town where there is no container, “said Konaković.

By the end of the year in Sarajevo to the underground containers should be placed at a dozen locations. The municipality of Novo Sarajevo, last year produced a waste management plan.

“This has allowed us to plan to turn the collection of waste and that in a short time be the first to use this donation. We allocated funds and that it was this donation we would have started with this activity. This year we plan to equip two more locations, for one is certain urban planning consent, and the other will be soon, “said Koldžo.

The plan is that in the municipality of Novo Sarajevo underground containers are placed in 80 locations, and the project will be financed from the municipal budget.
KJKP RAD has performed construction work and will conduct discharge and maintenance, while the company Ekopak procured container.

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