Sarajevo: The first building with solar panels for hot water

Sarajevo: The first building with solar panels for hot water

In the Sarajevo neighborhood "Miljacka" on one of the newly constructed buildings were installed solar panels through which all the apartments on the top floor have free hot water.

This is the first residential building in Sarajevo that in this way the benefits of solar power as an alternative source.

By introducing a system of solar heating of hot water in the building all the tenants on the 13th floor were allowed to have their own solar collector that heats the water. In the bathrooms of these apartments is the hot water tank, so that these residents have free hot water 24 hours a day.

“This is a pioneering venture. Energy efficiency and energy independence are imperatives of the 21st century. We have made the first step with the intention to give an example and others in an effort to use renewable energy sources wherever possible, and to preserve the environment and breathe clean air . it’s a long way to environmentally clean air in Sarajevo, and the sooner we do all the work on it, and the sooner we get to that goal, “said director of MS & WOOD Hrusta Tupekovića.

The settlement “Miljackawhich is being built in Sarajevo behind the broadcasters Doma at Džemala Bijedića received last year a certificate of energy efficiency independent agency for certification of residential buildings ENOVA, which is required by law for all new and old public buildings from 2013.

Buildings in the village “Miljacka” are designed by world standards of energy savings in housing through functionality, orientation-position of buildings on the land, and the use of high-quality built-in materials and equipment.

Facade in the neighborhood “Miljacka” are with insulation thickness of 15 cm, energy saving, and thereby reduce the cost of winter heating and summer cooling. Housing units are isolated to each other and to the outside corridors and stairways. As the largest energy losses come true through the window area, there have been built as window positions of high-quality PVC profiles with 3 glass and 3 seals, and one of the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To control the cost of housing, are built individual water meters and calorimeters.


Renewable Energy Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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