See how to make a passive house of sandwich panels for 5 days

See how to make a passive house of sandwich panels for 5 days

Francuzi krupnim koracima osvajaju tržište jeftine pasivne gradnje. Zahvaljujući kompaniji PopUp House, izgradnja pasivnih kuća ili kancelarijskih prostora nikada nije bila jednostavnija.

PopUp House is not cheap to build but is again much cheaper than when you build a classic passive house. Depending on the wishes of the owner, building material costs 300-360 euros per square meter, while the contractor you will have to pay from 1300 to 2000 euros per square meter. These solar powered lighting columns are mounted very simply: panels get hung up to one another as LEGO bricks and then poles length of 105 cm and a diameter of 8 mm secure them into place.


The material for the construction of is degradable and can be fully recycled. Sandwich panels are made of high-quality wood which are filled with EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation. The modules, measuring 2,5x1x0,3 meters are very lightweight (30 kg / m3), so worker can carry them in his hands and easily install on a place defined by the project.
In this way made house requires no active heating nor cooling because it is completely passive. Thanks to the good insulation and large solar capacity, pleasant temperature throughout the year will be fully ensured. If we upgrade PopUp House with solar panels and wind turbines, it becomes a energy positive house which means it will produce more electricity than it needs.

Renewable Energy Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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