Sheep wool, straw and waste wood industry untapped resources

Sheep wool, straw and waste wood industry untapped resources

In Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently implementing a large number of energy efficiency projects, most of which offer such solutions using materials that are imported from abroad.

This raises the question of how these materials are healthy and how long they last, while on the other hand, in our country we have a lot of material in the rural areas that are used as waste and can be easily converted into raw materials for the production of insulation materials.

This was exactly the topic that is in the conference “Energy efficiency in buildings – a generator of economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina” at the fair Energa in Tuzla Sanela Klaric spoke from International Burch University of Sarajevo in his presentation “Natural raw materials such innovative solutions building materials”.

“When we speak of unused raw materials we think of waste from the wood industry, sheep wool and straw. By comparison, polystyrene is the start jeftijini sheep wool, but its service life 15-20 years, while the sheep’s wool and straw eternal. The material should be replaced every twenty years with this and can not be recycled, should not have precedence over such material “, said Klaric.

The biggest obstacle to the implementation of its ideas and initiatives is lack of knowledge of the local public. With us is a little known fact that the European Union styrofoam slowly out of my production, especially because of his behavior in a fire which produces highly toxic smoke and endanger people’s lives.

“It’s not so easy out of Styrofoam production, because it comes from a strong industry with powerful lobbies. I realize it’s difficult now all of a sudden change, especially because it has been invested much effort and resources in training our masters to keep warm styrofoam. But if at the time we realize that we need to strategically work to support the domestic economy, we need to build green jobs, assist rural development, and also be dealt large quantities of waste, we will do a lot for our future “, she said.

According to research in BiH with 1.5 million sheep a year haircut 2,500 tons of sheep wool, which is not a high-quality textile industry but is ideal for insulation. The quantities of straw and waste from the wood industry are even greater. For now unused.

“Only ask the question if we make better living conditions if we kept heating up buildings with materials that are toxic and that do not solve the issue of ventilation. I think we need to change the philosophy that has been very popular a century ago, when our ancestors lived in harmony with nature. They are from nature rehearsed material from which they built and lived in. Why can not we were doing and we ‘, said at the end Sanela Klaric.

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