Shipments of biofuel will be controlled during import

Shipments of biofuel will be controlled during import

Indirect Taxation spread the Consolidated List of goods which are listed and shipment of biofuel, and the preconditions that these shipments are subject to mandatory control of market inspection on imports, it is said in the Inspectorate of the Republic of Serbian.

The Inspectorate point out that along with Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, in order to protect consumers and prevent the abuse of biofuel in transport, addressed the ITA with a request for extension of the unified list of goods subject to inspection monitoring quality control of goods on importation and on the way to the the inclusion of items and consignments of biofuel.

From now will be required to shippers on the importation shipments of biofuels or mixture of fuels, submit a request for inspection of the consignment to the competent market inspectors to perform administrative and organoleptic inspection of the consignment and to make a record which will be ascertained all relevant data on the importer and imported quantities.

Based on these data the competent inspection authorities will be able to post checks in internal traffic to check for what purposes it is used imported biofuels and whether its turnover is done in accordance with the law.

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