Poor investment in green energy in BiH – The first kilowatts of wind farm Podveležje by the end of 2018.

Poor investment in green energy in BiH – The first kilowatts of wind farm Podveležje by the end of 2018.

The wind farm in Podveležje was announced project of Elektroprivreda BiH that BiH should be closer to the standards of production of clean energy from renewable sources.

However, the realization of one of the capital investment in clean energy in our country was accompanied by numerous delays.

– Unfortunately, this project and other projects of Elektroprivreda BiH, was followed by delays. However, we are now firm in the decision to dates and deadlines must be met. With Mostar we have a concession contract in which production should begin by the end of 2018 – said Senad Salkic, Director of Capital Investments of Elektroprivreda BiH.

Unlike Bosnia, Europe does not have a problem with announcements and delays. Scientists and businessmen from countries that are leading in green energy come in and represent positive practices “green industry”, in addition to produce electricity from renewable sources, recycled batteries, and waste. The development of clean technologies follows the development of industry and economic growth.

– We are currently working on improving the technology of converting many organic wastes, such as food residues into biogas which can later be used as a source of electricity or heat – said Kristine Ruge, a lecturer at the University of Technology of Riga.

All agree that the green energy future. However, in Bosnia and Herzegovina it has been slow, despite the potential that our country has.

– One can not underestimate the change that is happening in the world, whose will be part of Bosnia and Herzegovina to be sooner or later. Large investors moved money from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources – emphasizes Morten Halvorsen, an expert on green industry in Norway.

According to announcements, the first work on the construction of access roads wind farm in Podveležje should begin no later than the spring of next year. Experts from Europe believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina should pay more attention to the development of clean technologies, especially if we take into account the efforts of the European Union to protect the environment and the development of green technology industry.

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