Slovenian practice in thermal insulation – Novoterm BH exclusive representative of the brand URSA

Slovenian practice in thermal insulation – Novoterm BH exclusive representative of the brand URSA

Company Novoterm BH from Visoko was for years the exclusive representative of the Slovenian URSA-e for BiH and offers a complete range of its products - thermal insulation materials from glass wool (GW) and products made of extruded polystyrene (XPS).

As is current practice showed in the field of thermal insulation of glass wool the most sought after products are those used for insulation of pitched roofs, then insulation walls and products for insulation ventilated facades. The thermal insulation made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) most sought them for insulation of flat roof and products for cladding the exterior walls and trims.

Director Novoterm BH Enver Hasagić for eKapija said that the Slovenian URSA now has 14 factories in 9 countries, operates in the Middle East, South Africa and in more than 40 countries in Europe, including BiH.

– My cooperation with URSA is dating since its arrival on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ie. Since 2001. At first I was a commercial and technical representative, and then later that cooperation continued through the firm Novoterm BH.

Hasagić says that over time was made a step forward in business and marketing URSA products.

– From those early parole “better than no insulation”, have begun to look for better insulation with Lamda better and thicker. It is now clear to everyone that investing in insulation achieves significant savings on heating and cooling, and that is staying in isolated buildings more comfortable and enjoyable. What we need is a problem with the sale of URSA thermal insulation materials is the lack of legislation on the application and installation of thermal insulation and the absence of government incentives – highlights Hasagić.

Some of the facilities in which they introduced URSA insulation materials are Bingo shopping centers across the country, the Marriot hotel in Sarajevo, Sarajevo City Center, BBI center, building the RS government, Federal Road Directorate, Gardens riverine settlement in Sarajevo, then in the building of joint institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, in the complex Mellain in Tuzla, as well as in the recently held at Pino Nature Trebevic.

Today they have many distributors: Em Onyx Lukavac, Alfa MI Živinice, ZH Zola Zivinice, Topdom Tuzla, Sarajevo attractive, Gradiz Sarajevo, TGI Gradur, Trgošped Kakanj, TMK Krivaja Zavidovici, Fragmat Gracanica, Topinex Banjaluka, Centrum Banjaluka, BMB CS Topcommerc Banjaluka, Maple Prijedor, Black Cazin, Lucy Trade Cazin, Čavkunović Bau Bihac, GM Free Tomislavgrad, Mujagić Bihac, Siroki Brijeg Chemo commerce.

– Plans for 2017 are to maintain the leading position in sales of thermal insulation material URSA GW and increase market share in sales of the XPS – concluded Hasagić.

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