Smart benches arrived in Mostar

Smart benches arrived in Mostar

The campus of the University of Mostar and the campus of the University Dzemal Bijedic have set smart benches, thus the city on the Neretva joined many cities in the region that have the technological innovation.

The bench thanks to solar energy, energy independent, and provides users with wireless and USB charging mobile phone, free mobile internet and has its own lighting and cooling.

The City of Mostar donated these benches Mostar students for the start of the new academic year, announced the City Administration.

Set smart benches Steora, manufacturer company Include from Solin. It is a new generation of smart bench and Mostar is the first city in Bosnia and Herzegovina who got Steora smart benches.

The project, for which the City of Mostar set aside 6,000 KM, have engaged public companies Eronet and BH Telecom, which are provided free mobile internet, as well as construction companies HP Investing and Amitea, which are in the framework of implementation of contracts at the reconstruction of the pavement in regulated and the parterre in front of the faculty in which the benches.

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