Solar boat trying to cross the Atlantic

Solar boat trying to cross the Atlantic

After the solar aircraft Solar Impulse II, which is currently on its way around the world, from Boston recently sailed the ship to try to cross the Atlantic using only solar energy. The ship is called Solar Voyager, and it is a ship without a crew that has a long four and four meters wide.

The ship was built by Isaac Penny and Christopher and they hope that in four months with the help of satellite navigation it will be able to cross the Atlantic and land in Lisbon harbor.

Solar Voyager has an aluminum hull and weighs 250 pounds, his roof are installed two solar panels with power of 240 W with the help of which it can produce up to 7 kWh of electricity a day in the summer months and 3 kWh of electricity in winter. Builders estimate that the ship would arrive to Lisbon in October and so sail even 3,000 kilometers with the help of solar energy.

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