Split – 200,000 euros for smart street lighting

Split – 200,000 euros for smart street lighting

The European Regional Development Fund has approved the City of Split project CitiEnGov (Cities for Energy and Good Governance - Cities for smart energy management), whose priority is the creation of cities and regions in Central Europe with low carbon emissions into the atmosphere and the specific aim of developing local strategies for sustainable energy .

The city of Split is one of the ten partners in the project in which the leading partner is the development agency SIPRO from Ferrara (Italy), while the other partners are cities of Ludwigsburg, Germany, Bydgoszcz and Grodzisk from the Poland and energy agencies SINERGIS (Trento, Italy), WEIZ (Weiz , Austria), GOLEA and LEAG (Nova Gorica and Kranj, Slovenia) and ÉARFÜ (Debrecen, Hungary).

The total value of the project is 2,209,940 euros, of which co-financing from the ERDF amounts to 85 percent, and the planned duration is 36 months. Within the total amount of Split will dispose with 203,950 euros, and the signing of a partnership agreement is planned in June this year.

These funds in Split will finance installation of modern energy efficient and intelligent street lighting. It is a pilot project for the implementation of energy efficient street lighting with the possibility of management using computer applications associated with GIS system City of Split and the 80 fixtures in the selected part of the city.

Also, the drafting of energy plans of the City on a three year basis, the implementation of education for citizens and the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through the Energy cafe have been planned..

It is also important to note that the project was selected among 640 applicants.

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