Srbija is making electric cars

Srbija is making electric cars

Not later than September of this year on the streets of Belgrade will appear little city car on electricity whose price will not exceed EUR 10,000.

The company “Eco Serbia” has already agreed the first shipment of parts for assembly of 12 car, but the ambition is to almost all parts soon be produced in Serbia. As they say, they have created a complete financial plan, obtained the necessary “papers”, and now it’s all just up to the market.

“We have agreed with the Chinese partner all about import of parts. From the chassis, engine, battery, body, which would be assembled in the vicinity of Belgrade. However, our wish is that the electric motor and the body we make in Serbia, we have already started negotiations with Serbian companies that can produce these components, “says Dragan Škrnjić, director of” Eco Serbia “.


Is interesting that “Eco Serbia” got completely free license of a renowned Italian company for the production of electric motors. The same license has been purchased by the Japanese “Suzuki”. “The first car to be sold in the market under the name” aksios “will be presented to the public in September, at the 5th” Tesla rally “, with the participation of electric cars and hybrids from around the world. The car is intended primarily for use in urban environment. it has a range on a single charge up to 140 km in real conditions. Maximum speed is 60 km per hour, “says Škrnjić.


What is particularly interesting is that the “aksios” charges on an ordinary household socket of 220 volts and that the time of maximum battery charging is about eight hours. It only takes two hours to charge 60 percent of the battery capacity.

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