Srebrenica million marks a year from Serbia – HPP Bajina Bašta should in 2018, begin the payment of compensation for flooded land in RS

Srebrenica million marks a year from Serbia – HPP Bajina Bašta should in 2018, begin the payment of compensation for flooded land in RS

Srebrenica Municipality on the basis of compensation for flooded land HEPP Bajina Bašta from next year could receive annually about one million marks.

– Our objective is that the money begins to be paid and the willingness of Serbia is not in dispute. They do not run away from debts from the previous period, but the problem is that they have no legal basis to settle. In any case, it is important to us that it does with the payment, and the debt can be and later – said Mladen Grujičić, Mayor of Srebrenica, which was at a recent meeting received a promise that the Serbian government as soon as possible form part of your team.

Otherwise, recently agreed to form a working group comprising representatives of the Republic of Serbian, Serbia, the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) and the municipality of Srebrenica, in order to reach agreement on how to Serbia, or more precisely its Electric Power and Hydro Power Plant began paying compensation for flooded land in the Republic of Serbian. This fee after the construction of hydropower plants on the Drina River, whose electricity is used exclusively Serbia, EPS has paid the municipalities of Srebrenica, Zvornik and Bratunac and so it was until 1992 when Serbia stopped paying and its obligations.

What is interesting is that the EPS properly all these years its obligations, or fees paid to the municipality of Bajina Basta, located in Serbia, and that on that basis, according to unofficial information, receives around one million euros each year.

– We have no estimate of how much is owed for the years since 1992. Some rough calculations show that it is about 30 million KM, but these are only estimates. We will see how this is true when the working group finishes its work – said Grujičić.

Almost all previous attempts to resolve the issue of the submerged lands were not successful, as well as interviews in previous years conducted at all levels, from local communities to the state.

Initially attempted to resolve this issue in a way that HPP Bajina Bašta in direct contact with the municipalities of Srebrenica and Bratunac arrangements continued payment; however, there was nothing because everything podignutno the “higher” level.

In earlier discussions with representatives of HPP Bajina Bašta was said to the Independent that the key question in connection with the payment of debts for flooded land to whether the inter-republic agreements from 1966 is still in force, or whether their importance ceased after 1992 .

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