Support to the adoption of the Law on energy efficiency in FBiH

Support to the adoption of the Law on energy efficiency in FBiH

Chair of the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton Ana Babic held a meeting yesterday with representatives of landslides's project Investing in the energy sector - EIA.

The main topic of the meeting was the issue of the adoption of the Draft Law on Energy Efficiency of the Federation, which was adopted in the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament, and the same text should be adopted and the House of People of this parliament.

The meeting also discussed the positive effects and benefits for all structures in our society, because with the adoption of the Law would be created the conditions for the practical implementation of all other activities in the field of energy efficiency policies.

Mak Kamenica, Deputy Director of USAID, said on this occasion that it is very important to adopt a legislative solution that will regulate the area of energy efficiency, at first for the development of the financial model, the so-called. Contractual schemes for energy efficiency, which is an obligation of Bosnia and Herzegovina according to the Energy Community Treaty.

Chair of the Assembly of CS Ana Babic stressed that Sarajevo Canton is committed to support all activities that contribute to the betterment of our citizens, and the issue of energy efficiency in that plays an important role.

“The task of representatives of government institutions is to provide a good environment and conditions for the private sector and our population that energy in all its forms is rationally used and to obtain return on investment in its consumption. Our intention is to as much as possible meet the objectives of sustainable development, by which I mean to reduce negative impacts on the environment, meeting the energy needs of end consumers and increase the security of energy supply “, said, among other things, Chair Babic.

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