Ten tricks to help at home to be warm and bills for heating smaller

Ten tricks to help at home to be warm and bills for heating smaller

There's nothing worse than sitting around the house where it's chilly. As the nights are getting cooler and the heating season heats up, we bring you great tips on how to make your home a warmer.

This is a tough dilemma – to reduce heating, freeze and so to save money or make home pleasantly warm – which can mean paying large bills for heating and bust the household budget.

There are tricks to make your house warm, but it does not result in higher costs. All you need to do is – keep an eye on these ten things:

1. Check if your heat escapes through poorly insulated windows and doors – sealing windows and doors is the fastest and cheapest option to solve the release of heat. Rubber strap of 6 meters costs about 2 KM. If you want a little more effective, then buy a silicone whose nine meters costs about 20 KM.

2. If you do not have a thermostat, be sure to get one, it’s worth every cent Installation of automatic thermostat on the radiator is also saving measures as it keeps the room temperature at the same level. In addition, an excellent decision to obtain a digital timer that you can determine when to turn the heating or extinguished, or increase or decrease. For example, set it to ignite or reinforce an hour before arriving home, so heating will not work all day, and in the home will be warm.

3. Use all the energy that comes out of the radiator behind the radiator located on the outer walls, beneath the window, put reflective foil. Thus the passage of heat to be focused on space, not on the window. It is well and put extra insulation behind radiators located on the outer walls, for example. Styrofoam. This will again lose less heat.

4. Be wise ventilated home that has fresh air, and the heat does not run Avoid keeping windows and doors “on the statue,” because it will also heat out, and air quality will not become perfect. Instead, ventilate the home several times a day for five minutes, but the windows or doors close all the way.

5. Curtains and blinds at night to use more heat remained in the apartment Lowering external and internal shutters heat will linger longer in the area and not bad to do at night. During the day, if there is a sunny, apart curtain to heat the sun entered the home and so it extra warm.

6. If the chimney is not in use, close it you have in the house chimneys you use occasionally, you may want to close them (leave the ventilation) because the unused chimney like a hole in the ceiling through which cold air enters. Experts estimate that through the open chimney loses about 25 percent of the energy needed for space heating.

7. Ensure that you do not lose heat more at the start – insulate the boiler If your boiler for central heating in the cold room of the house, be sure to insulate heat pipes special handles.

8. During the very cold days do not turn off the heat, reduce it if you are not at home A lot of energy is consumed by heating a cold room, so try to keep the temperature equal – during the day to about 20, and at night to 15 degrees.

9. If you have parquet or tiles, winter cover them with carpet on tiles or parquet put a runner, you will be warmer for the legs, and it will serve as a kind of insulation that will prevent the loss of heat through the cold floor. When they get hotter days, carpet roll and save.

10. Beware of something in front of or over a radiator does not interfere with heat dissipation space board placed over a radiator obstacle hot air that comes out of the window, so it is good to have. Do not block radiators curtains or furniture as this prevents the heating system properly.
additional tips

In addition you will warm home if after the end of cooking, leave the oven door open. Also, some people save on the heating so that the extremely cold nights the windows are placed plastic foil with bubbles (which is normally used for protection during transport, sell it by the meter and is not expensive). It helps that more heat stays in the room.

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