Tesla lowered the price for the model “S”

Tesla lowered the price for the model “S”

In an attempt to make electric cars become more available to more people, the company Tesla started selling "Model S" car at a lower price than the previous model.

The new version of the sedan ‘Model S60 “has a starting price of $ 66,000, a model with four-wheel drive costs $ 71,000. Price former “Model S 90” was $ 89,500.

“Model S60” can go 320 kilometers on a single charge and a top speed is 210 kilometers per hour. Delivery of the new model begins next month.

Otherwise, Tesla Motors has achieved huge success already in advance of its fuel-efficient models 3, at a cost of $ 35,000. Since March, Model 3 is achieved nearly 400,000 bookings, and people have left a deposit of $ 1,000 per car.

From Tesla said that the first deliveries of Model 3 are expected in the first half of 2017.

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