The better the district heating system in Zenica – ArcelorMittal proposed City of joint venture

The better the district heating system in Zenica – ArcelorMittal proposed City of joint venture

ArcelorMittal has given a proposal the City of Zenica to improve district heating in this city by establishing a joint venture.

From the company announced that the new project would provide sufficient quantities of heat supply process steam of all plants within the ArcelorMittal and heating of the city, but also improve the whole life of the city of Zenica.

By this decision City Zenica would finally receive what now does not have, and it’s co-ownership of the plants for district heating of the city and as a partner of the Public Enterprise “Heating” would not only be a buyer of thermal energy but also the co-owner of the heating system.

ArcelorMittal Zenica City Administration has proposed a concrete solution to the issue of improving the district heating in Zenica solve the realization of joint projects and the establishment of “joint venture” company, which jointly form the ArcelorMittal Zenica and the City of Zenica.
The proposed project envisages the construction of new gas boilers, so that in addition to favorable economic impact and has great ecological importance for urban city zone, because it does not provide for the use of coal as an energy source, which is mainly used so far.The new proposed technological solution provides the reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions by 60 to 65 percent, as well as a significant reduction in airborne particles, especially dust and carbon dioxide. On the other hand, this new option with gas heating city shows that, except for the city a better ecological state of the air, and heating costs should be acceptable for all users, because the amount of heat delivery can effectively control depending on the outside temperature, which will materially affect the price of heating.
That the proposed project has a chance to be implemented, show the time limits in which they might realize, after the city council decision on implementation, which is expected by the end of August, the town of Zenica would get its gas heating as soon as from October 2018.

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