The Bosna River partitioned, began digging the foundation for HE Vranduk

The Bosna River partitioned, began digging the foundation for HE Vranduk

Work on the construction of hydro power plant (HPP) once served taking place within the timescale and the teams' Elektroprivreda BiH ", contractors and control, all are on the ground. In recent days in Bosnia are set concrete pipes and rivers is partitioned.

The headrace tunnel

The team of “Dnevni Avaz” yesterday was the currently one of the largest construction sites in the country. In addition to the pipe and the plateau, were completed and access roads for construction equipment. As our newspaper said Senad Salkic, executive director for capital investments in “Elektroprivreda BiH”, the workload increases.

– So far, so in terms of timescale, we follow every day and we’re really pleased that we can say that everything is all right, that everything is going as he mapped out a plan. Now we can talk about more jobs and the picture is quite clear – shows Salkic.

He expressed the hope that in time of low water to finish most of the preparatory work.

– It is important that most of the preparatory work done in order to access the digging of the dam foundation and preparation for construction of the water supply tunnel. As we previously planned, in early September in an appropriate manner, we shall mark the commencement of the first major hydroelectric power plant in BiH after 40 years – adds Salkic.


The contract on the construction was signed earlier this year with the leaders of the consortium company “Strabag” and “Koncar”, who submitted the best offer for this great job. An agreement was signed on a “turnkey”, and includes the development of project documentation, production, delivery and installation of equipment, construction works, testing and commissioning of the plant in operation.

After completion of the project documentation, February 1, 2016 was made official start of construction, with completion planned for 11 November 2019. Lake once served will be six miles long, while the height of the dam be 19, and the length of 120 meters.

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