The Chinese plan to build a power plant on waste in Pancevo

The Chinese plan to build a power plant on waste in Pancevo

In late June, a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese partners, which envisages the construction of cogeneration, waste incinerator plant in Pancevo. When asked when they can expect the start of construction, Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic said that the key is that the Chinese partners make a reliable feasibility study and to prove that the Pancevo has the necessary amount of waste which is necessary for the stable operation of the power plant.

“This will be a pilot project that, if power plants achive the expected results, such facilities could be built in other parts of Serbia,” Antic said. Slobodan Ruzic, doctor of electrical engineering science and a former Deputy Minister of Energy, told “Politika” that this is good news, even though it is an expensive project, it would in this way solve the problem of illegal dumps.

“The decision as to whether the power plant on municipal waste will be built will depend on the price at which electricity will be redeemed. Given that this is a type of renewable energy sources in Serbia prices of electricity are regulated by the incentive purchase price per kWh of electricity.

Until recently, the price was about 8 cents / kWh, while electricity that is sold to households without distribution and transportation was 3 cents / kWh, or 5 cents / kWh with those costs. From one ton of waste is possible, estimates have shown, to get 650 kWh of electricity, writes Politika.

The level of utilization waste to electrical energy is 25 to 30%, and for the heat 75-80%.

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