The Dutch transformed wind farm in the amusement park

The Dutch transformed wind farm in the amusement park

If you ever wanted to climb the windmill that generates electricity, that dream you can achieve. The Dutch company Qurrent presented a plan for the transformation of a wind farm in the "first sustainable theme park". In cooperation with Jora Entertainment, projected the park whose main attraction will be an adrenaline ride from the wind turbines 95 meters high in just 1.5 seconds!

Although this amusement park on 8,000 square meters will not be the first to be powered by wind energy, it will still be the first wind farm to be turned into an amusement park. This idea comes at the right time, because one of the main drawbacks of wind parks a large area of land that they occupy and which is practically not used for anything other than for agriculture, that if the land is good. Therefore, it is another, additional function of the wind farm which is a great idea!
Descent from the the windmills will not be the only attraction. There is a spiral slide with water that wraps around the windmills, roller coaster and many other facilities.
It is interesting that all restaurants will be powered by solar panels. Thanks to the combination of solar energy and wind energy this amusement park will not consume additional power from the power mains. In fact, only a portion of electricity produced in this wind farm will be used. The rest goes into the power grid to further use.

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