The first intelligent office building in BiH – How the Banja Luka company Telemax built facility managed by software

The first intelligent office building in BiH – How the Banja Luka company Telemax built facility managed by software

Although Bosnia and Herzegovina can not boast rich "smart" infrastructure, some examples show that it can compete with the technologically advanced countries. Banja Luka has received the first intelligent office building three years ago. Telemax Company doo, which deals with design and construction of fiber optic networks and modern wiring, built a business center in King Peter II and so did the first intelligent building in Banja Luka, which is managed by software.

Director and owner of the company Ariana Maksimčuk says to eKapija that this is the first such building in BiH.

– This was confirmed by the company that we delivered intelligent management software installations. And not only that software first installed, there is still a lot of material on the building that we were first imported and installed. Business center was moved on 11 November 2013, and its construction lasted almost two years. The plot we, indeed, purchased in 2005, but we even waited six years to adopt the Regulatory Plan for City Nova Varos – says Maksimčuk.

And here you have all the characteristics of the business center of company Telemax as “pametog” object. Software Schneider Electric, which connects the mechanical and electrical installations, managed from a single location and through the main key, and it is possible via a mobile phone.

– There are numerous possibilities in combining and programming of all parameters related installations. In addition, in the interior of the building has a lot of light, it is a good use of space, and the interior design are used bright and luxurious materials, which allows us to work in a very pleasant area – adds our interlocutor.

All materials and equipment are independently elected, and Ariana Maksimčuk is proud of the fact that much imported and installed the first time.

– Built-in is very demanding ventilated facade with triple low-emission glass, metalwork and Schueco first glued Swiss Pearl facade panels, not anchored, as well as many other details that make the building unique in this market. The materials that we have built in ventilated facades are the most expensive part of the investment and contribute most to the energy efficiency of the entire facility.

He added that the office first built poured floors high gloss German manufacturer BASF, on the steps of the famous stone from the Italian factory Quarella, while Sony and Samsung IP camera manufacturers. Heating, cooling and ventilation of the building were made by the system heat pump air-water.

As the building is situated on the ground with strong ground water, the construction of a garage and a basement area is a demanding construction project, says Maksimčuk.

– We regulate double waterproof insulation and the use of special diletacionih strips that we’ve associated plates of waterproof concrete. Zona Nova Varos is known in the cadastral records as “bare” and all objects in that zone of the city have a problem with ground water in basements. We have to resolve this new technology and here’s survived a great flood two years ago.

Great savings

The entire building is energy efficient, says director Telemax, which is especially relevant overheads. He says that the justification for their decision to build an energy-efficient building very easily be represented in numbers.

– I’ll introduce you to one data that says it all. For the facility that employs 100 people, pay electricity from 1500 to 1800 per month. We use LED lighting, mechanical systems use water and air, ie. resources that we have, and thus save unnecessary waste of energy.

Our interlocutor says that they have had the opportunity to convince in this by comparing costs.

– One week we had to use the connection to the central city heating, and we are for these seven days heating paid three times more than you normally pay for a month, which means that we use services Heating plants, have much higher costs, and we would not have cooling and all savings which called on the object.

The building as a modern showroom

Since the Telemax engaged in the design and construction of fiber optic networks, including the installation of intelligent, Ariana Maksimčuk said that their desire was that the building of such a business center demonstrate knowledge of the field of work.

– At the same time we wanted to express as an advanced and modern investors to move the boundaries of the construction industry. Our business center and modern showroom where prospective investors can show you how to look the most modern trends in the management of intelligent installations, the latest version of LED lighting, the latest system for video surveillance and access control, the latest version of glass switchboards and modern sockets, cooling and heating and dimabilnost lighting in the office, and all connected and controlled from a single location.

In the procurement of materials and equipment Telemax has worked with major international companies, while the works performed by local companies and Civil Laktaši, Maxmara Banjaluka, Delta MD Banjaluka, tension and INTERDITE Banja Luka, as well as the Telemax.

Director of the company says that it is not easy to build such a facility. When procuring materials went about and fairs, in order to make the right choice, especially in selecting floors. In addition, they went to a commercial “smart” objects in Belgrade and Zagreb, to get familiar with their solutions.

– But we’ve got a lot of nice comments for our solutions and the interior of the building, and definitely we have achieved harmony necessary for a pleasant and happy workers. In such circumstances, we as owners enjoy, and with more enthusiasm we do.

The satisfaction that no price

I do not hide that such a facility should invest a lot of money. But, he says, they did not have the aim to save money, but to invest and achieve certain results. Some cane have reduced thanks to an experienced negotiating with foreign companies.

– A lot of matter we installed the first time, so some factories was intended to enter the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we can get a good price. And in this we succeeded. Of course, it all pays off, except if you have money and courage. It’s extremely gratifying for me is much greater than you have money on your account, and you are living in some third-rate areas – said director Telemax.

content center

Telemax business center covers an area of ​​1,625 m2, and the structure of the building consists of a basement, ground floor with a gallery, three floors and floor withdrawn. In addition to offices on the floors, on the ground floor and gallery facility designed showroom commercial (showroom) and is directly linked to the Street King Peter II.

The business center has a mini cafeteria and hall for presentation at the gallery, and on the roof there is a lookout where organized korpororativne entertainment and cocktails. Rooms Telemax are on the ground floor and the gallery on the first floor, while the other floors of the companies that have leased space.

Banja Luka company forged ambitious plans for the future, including the creation of companies in Serbia and Croatia.

– We made a partnership with the Austrian company UEBEX, which is a producer of premium industrial LED lighting, and we got the right to sell in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Now we are working intensively on the establishment of sector companies that will be at the highest level to deal with budgets and design and lighting, and of course, sales and installation.

In the final stage we perform electrical installations in the demanding building construction Garbsen state prison in East Sarajevo, we’re releasing the first optical network in the city of Prijedor, handling the company with internal procedures and filing of documents. We accept new young professionals and preparing for the opening of the company in Croatia and Serbia. We’re making a marketing campaign to acquaint the public with all the papers – said Ariane Maksimčuk for eKapija.

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