The first photovoltaic plant at the Vienna airport

The first photovoltaic plant at the Vienna airport

Vienna Airport 'Flughafen Wien AG' 'put into operation the first photovoltaic plant on the roof surfaces of the hangar and warehouses for the devices.

Presently there are 2,000 solar modules on a total area of 3,200 square meters. They will now annually produce 500,000 kWh of solar energy and thus contribute to environmental and sustainable supply of electricity.

As announced at the Vienna airport, their goal is next year set up 4,000 square meters of modules per year and also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Vienna International Airport is in the last three years has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent.

The next phase will be to appoint a photovoltaic panel to take advantage of the roof Air Cargo Centre area of 5,000 square meters which means twice the area of the current initial panels.
Nominal power of solar modules is 236 to 273 kWp, which means an annual production of 500,000 kWh. The direct current from the PV plant inverter converts to AC power, and the function of storage is done in a network airport. A lot of automatic and self-produced photovoltaic electricity reduces energy from the public network, says EUROCOMM-PR Sarajevo.

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