The first ultra-fast filling stations for electric vehicles

The first ultra-fast filling stations for electric vehicles

HEP has today in front of the City Administration of Zagreb to Stjepan Radic Square, launched the first ELEN LEAF charging station for electric vehicles. It is a prototype of the most advanced charging stations for electric cars in Croatia, also the first charging plant that is powered by solar energy.

The opening of the charging station was attended by Economy Minister Tomislav Panenić, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Alen Gospočić, Deputy Minister of Environment and Nature Mario Šiljeg, representatives of the City of Zagreb, Croatian Power Board member Sasa Dujmić project manager of e-mobility HEP Group Ivica Skoric.

ELEN LEAF charger in Zagreb crown HEP’s development project, in which up to now at 21 locations in 12 cities around the Croatian have been opened charging stations for electric vehicles. The charging station was built on the basis of the Agreement on cooperation in the pilot project to encourage the construction of infrastructure for the supply of electric vehicles in Zagreb between Zagreb Croatian Electric dd

“The technology and design unique charger represents a remarkable combination of the concept of electromobility and the renewable energy sources, and just with such a compound environmentally friendly technology HEP shows to follow the European and global policies to reduce CO2 emissions, prevention of climate change environmental protection,” said a member of the Management Board of the Croatian Electric Power Sasa Dujmić.

ELEN LEAF cell consists of two shelters with solar panels and ultra fast charging station for electric vehicle charging power of 50 KW DC and 43 KW AC, along with the ability to simultaneously charging two vehicles. In doing so, as a fuel for electric vehicles using electricity from solar panels. Using solar panels ELEN LEAF stations will annually produce 3,000 kWh of electricity from renewable sources. The prototype is made on the basis of the competition conducted by the Croatian Designers Society and where they selected work and conceptual design of the designer Ann Banić Göttlicher and Maša Vukmanović. The contractor is the company Elna cable.

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