The new solar bus stop is a hit!

The new solar bus stop is a hit!

Innovations in the field of environmental protection and increasing the quality of life of some local entrepreneurs have enabled the successful export of products to foreign markets. It turned out it profitable for Croatian experts and entrepreneurs who invented the so-called. solar bus stop that, except for the waiting public transport, and serves for charging cell phones or surf the Internet. For the interested Croatian innovation many iznozemni cities. However, some Croatian cities and municipalities are turning to renewable energy sources is mentioned stations this summer set in the municipality of Salt.

The bus ride is one of the actions of many people, including waiting for the cells often look unsightly. To change this, the company Energomobil came up with the idea to create a bus stop that keeps up with trends, which is technologically advanced and aesthetically attractive, and with all this works only with the sun.

They have asked themselves why travelers would not be while waiting for the tram or bus could charge the phone, connect to the Internet and surf, which make them much easier hold. That is why they have developed a new product completely designed and manufactured in Croatia – autobosnu solar cell Easy Bus.

The cost of such cells ranges from 25,500 HRK + VAT, which, stand out in Energomobilu, very good price if you take into account its energy independence. Construction of the station is fully steel, seat from HPL (material resistant to all weather conditions), all electrical equipment from reputable manufacturers of solar equipment, a tempered glass on the background of cells in addition to complete the look and safety of the station.

Only maintenance Energomobil cells is minimized, while the electrical equipment does not require any maintenance, only to eventually change the battery. As outlined by Director Energomobila Mary Mrvelj, after first showing of solar cells in public, many have shown great interest in them.

“We have been contacted and the United Arab Emirates that his Ministry of Transport presented our bus stop and are interested in setting them up in Abu Dhabi. Egypt, Greece, many African countries … interest on all sides because of such products, for now, there is very little in the world market and those which i have, as a rule, are very expensive, “said Mary Mrvelj and points out that the path to this one product is not simple.

“The whole team of people involved and dedicated ourselves to the creation of each element. From designers, engineers, designers, welders, painters, electricians, etc., all as one, breathe together to release the finished product. And therefore, there is no greater success than when you see delight on the faces of potential customers, “admits director Energomobila. It all began, he says, opening a company that deals with import and sale of products related to renewable energy.

“Six years ago we embarked in this adventure and firmly believe that we will succeed. At that time, few companies are engaged in the sale of these products and people just were not familiar with them, but we and the risk was great. We knew it future progress of the economy, as we proved, because our company is one of the leading in Croatia. Following global trends in renewable energy sources, and listening to any cities, we felt the need to develop smart solar products, “said Mary Mrvelj.

Let’s add this to the municipality of Dubrovnik Coast late last month, this station set up in Salt. As first impressions are extremely positive citizens, Mayor Nikola Knežić announced that in future plans to all ‘old normal’ bus station to replace the solar EasyBus cells, up to the border with Montenegro.

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