The OIE will provide 70 percent of electricity in the EU 2040th

The OIE will provide 70 percent of electricity in the EU 2040th

Renewable energy will be in the coming years continue to massively develop, and 2040 will produce 70 percent of Europe's electricity, thanks to cost reduction for the production of solar energy and wind energy, we learned Monday from reports Bloomerga "New Energy Outlook 2016".

Low prices of gas and coal will remain low, but it will not prevent a fundamental transformation of the world electricity systems in the coming years towards renewable energy sources, such as wind and sun“, predicted in the mentioned report.

In 2015, renewable energy accounted for 32 percent of electricity production in Europe.

In the US, hydroelectric, solar and wind energy will increase by 14 percent in 2015 to 44 percent by 2040, while the share of gas to fall by 33 to 31 percent, according to Bloomberg forecasts the global energy sector.

The report is predicting that renewable energy on a global scale gas exceed 2027, and that it should wait until 2037 to renewable energy took dominance over carbon, with the exception of North America.

It also points out that the increased demand for electricity due to new applications, such as electric cars.

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