The new pen which recycles plastic bottles into 3D sculptures

The new pen which recycles plastic bottles into 3D sculptures

3D pencil renegade designed with the aim of removing price barriers and increasing take-off 3-D printing in households, while reducing the amount of plastic waste.

This innovative pen is designed for drawing 3-D models using recycled plastic bottles and bags as material for drawing. Renegade for the production of “drawing material” used robust and powerful extruder which heats the plastic material and converts it into either a suitable 3-D drawing.

In this way the plastic material becomes waste which can be used in creative applications many times. This “sustainable” pencil-like material can be used wood, standard PLA, ABS, TPE and nylon.

With pen comes handy cutter plastic “chupacut” which is perfect for the production of plastic strips that are used in 3-D printing. Its spherical shape allows the creation of 3, 6, 9 and 12 millimeter plastic tape which can then be used in a number of creative applications. The project is currently funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and if it seems interesting can it co-finance here.

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