The steam from the power plant Tuzla in function of development of greenhouses

The steam from the power plant Tuzla in function of development of greenhouses

Water vapor from the TPP Tuzla in the coming years could become an important segment of development of greenhouse production in Tuzla Canton. It showed this study "Steam from the thermal power plant Tuzla in function of development of SMEs", carried out by the Independent Development Bureau.

Feasibility study of using steam from the thermal power plant Tuzla for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector of greenhouse production, may become an important factor in the development of this segment of the economy in the area of telecommunications. A study by the Independent Development Bureau, showed that, by proper setting of the number or power of the steam line which will be greenhouses supplied with thermal energy, the total investment can pay off over a period of five to seven years.

“It turned out that in this way, even in the eighth kilometer from the power plant profitable to build a steam pipeline and to make greenhouse area in the greenhouse area it is possible to even 740 to 1000 jobs I create, that this investment 12-25 million up right closer or further away from the power plant”, said Enver Sarvan Executive Director of the Independent Bureau for development of

During the study three zones were observed, two in Tuzla and one in the area of Lukavica, and reviewed the three options of investment. All three options have proven to be profitable and valuable investment.

“One possibility is when one owner and the steam line and the greenhouse, which is located on the plot, as in the case of some 470. The investment is profitable in the second case, when we have one owner steam line and more owners of individual the greenhouse on the same grounds. the third case, although it is expensive and still is profitable, if you have multiple owners and the steam line and the greenhouse themselves, which would then have to be organized through a marketing group “, said Majda Mujanovic Babic member of the expert team.

The study is a document that will be able to present domestic and foreign investors, and the relevant ministries and Government TK will do all that it učnine available.

“The interest exists when it comes to food production in the field of telecommunications and abroad and from domestic investors and what we will in the next period is to do is to form a partnership or joint realization of such a project”, says Nermin Hodzic Minister of Development and Entrepreneurship of Tuzla Canton.

Because the study included the area of Tuzla and Lukavac, partners will confront in the local communities, and there is a possibility of finding partners and in the area of Vinnytsia, given that the study was conducted at a distance of eight kilometers a thermal.

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