The World Bank has rated the BEEP project as very successful

The World Bank has rated the BEEP project as very successful

The World Bank’s representatives visited Sarajevo officially for the second time regarding the implementation of the largest energy efficiency project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia Energy Efficiency Project – BEEP).

Representatives of the World Bank on this occasion, spoke with the FB&H Minister of Physical Planning, Josip Martic, and analysed energy efficient investments and activities implemented within the framework of the BEEP project.

Jari Vayrynen, project’s Team Leader on behalf of the World Bank, rated the implementation of the project as very successful, given that everything was implemented according to the plan and energy efficiency international standards. He pointed out that preparatory activities for the selection of objects which will be modified for energy efficiency in 2017 are being implemented, and that the activities for creation of long-term sustainable financial mechanisms will be initiated soon.

The BEEP project is implemented with the support of the World Bank loan, which will invest a total of 32 million US dollars within the next three years. Within the scope of the project, energy efficiency measures have been implemented at UCH Mostar – Psychiatric Hospital, UCCK Sarajevo – the Department for Orthopaedics and Traumatology and University and UCC Tuzla – Surgery Department, while works on additional 15 public buildings (schools and kindergartens) are under way. The value of these investments, which will be completed by the end of 2016 amount to more than 10 million BAM.

Primary School “Hasim Spahis” Ilijas, is one of the schools which is finalising energy efficiency measures, which is why the World Bank representatives, together with the representatives of the Project Implementation Unit visited the school. After the tour and discussion with Mr. Mirsad Kustura, school’s headmaster and Mr. Akif Fazlic, Mayor of Ilijas Municipality, World Bank representatives expressed their satisfaction with the activities finalized so far and as well as the quality of work done.

The total value of energy efficiency investment at the object in question is over 450 000 BAM (with VAT). So far, approximately 90% of the work has been completed; this includes replacement of openings, thermal isolation of external walls, energy efficient lighting, purchase and installation of thermostatic valves, hydraulic balancing of the heating system and repair of heating substations. Completion of works is expected by 31st October 2016.

“After the works have been completed, energy consumption will decrease resulting in significant budget savings, and the students and employees will have more pleasant working conditions. This contributes to the protection of the environment, in addition to energy efficiency being important for B&H’s EU accession process “, stated Mr. Mustafa Copelj, Head of the World Bank project for the FB&H.

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