There is no adequate technologies to combat global warming

There is no adequate technologies to combat global warming

Temperatures globally reached a point where they were not in the past 115,000 years and could the next generation cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

A new report by James Hansen, the scientist responsible for raising awareness of the world public about the effects of global warming, and 11 other experts says that the average temperature in 2016 by as much as 1.25 degrees Celsius higher than the average global temperature in pre-industrial age.

The global trend indicates that the planet Earth is getting hotter whopping 0.18 degrees per year and temperatures that we have today were last recorded in emijanu, interglacijarnoj era ended before 115,000 years, during which the sea level rose by six to nine meters in compared to today.

In order to avoid the further growth temperature during this century, it will need massive extraction of CO2 that could cost between 100 and 500 billion dollars, of which scientists are not even sure that she could succeed.

“There is a big misconception that we began to calculate with climate change. Governments are meeting in Paris just patted each other on the back, but it has not done anything concrete on this issue,” said Hansen.

Last year a group of young people sued the Obama administration on the grounds of endangering the lives of young people, and all because the United States did nothing to slow climate change.

Hansen, who recently retired after a lifetime spent in NASA, believes that the courts would have to do more to convince the government to tackle the climate.

World officials agreed that the temperature must not rise by two degrees, but the technology to remove harmful gases from the atmosphere has not yet been developed.

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