This house in Ljubljana consumes 14x less power than the average bosnian house

This house in Ljubljana consumes 14x less power than the average bosnian house

House in a dense residential neighborhood of the Slovenian capital is characterized executed floors and high energy efficiency.

According to the project study Elastic and Hikikomori in Ljubljana conducted house of 175m2 named Mezzanine. Of course, this name was chosen because the floors on the floors executed. The house is designed so that the tool housing with each other more easily connect, for it does get interesting fractured space.

Communication in vertically organized home ranges from the basement half put in ground, through the living room on the ground level, to the children’s room on the mezzanine. The following is a mezzanine bedroom and guest room with access to the roof. The entire bedroom is on the ground floor console that says a terrace where you can get out of the living room.

One of the main objectives of the architect (Mika Cimolini and Igor Kebel) was to create a low-energy building with the use of traditional materials such as brick, concrete and glass but without compromising architectural concept of the house.

House consumes only 19.8 kWh / m2 for heating and cooling that is assigned to Class A. How much is this good result is the fact that, for example, the average consumption in Bosnia and Herzegovina amounts to 280 kWh / m2, which is 14x more!

The house is equipped with a heat pump, a system for collecting rainwater and numerous other systems that improve its energy efficiency.

On a plot of about 400 square meters, the house is set up so that does not cover the sun other facilities, as well as to herself to avoid being in someone’s shadow.

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