This shirt changes color depending on the level of pollution

This shirt changes color depending on the level of pollution

Air pollution is a pressing problem in cities around the world. For those who take special care of your health, today there is no adequate way to track how much pollutant particles we breathe. However, the American designer Nicolas Bentel created a shirt that changes color depending on the amount of pollutants that are found in the environment that surrounds us.

The clothing line is called Aerochromics, and currently consists of three cotton shirts with long sleeves that are dedicated to different types of pollution: PM-10 particles, CO2 and radioactivity. T-shirts are equipped with sensors that detect the level of contamination and the specific color that changes from black to white when a person finds himself in a contaminated environment. In practice this means that the house go out in a black shirt, depending on the level of contamination that you see through shirt pattern changes and becomes black or completely white.

The author reports that the idea behind the concept of T-shirts was to give a greater level of security and inform the user of pollutants and hazardous radiation in the environment. The price of one shirt now is around $ 500. But, after all, health is priceless.

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