TK Government prepares project for greater energy efficiency in the housing sector – for the realization necessary 92 million KM

TK Government prepares project for greater energy efficiency in the housing sector – for the realization necessary 92 million KM

Government of Tuzla Canton will already move in the coming days in project preparation and implementation of the Action Plan to increase energy efficiency in the residential sector in Tuzla Canton, it was concluded at yesterday's meeting of Prime Minister TK Bege Gutić and Minister of Physical Planning and Environment Hasan Fehratović with representatives of companies from Enova Sarajevo.

Presentation of the plan on the basis of the collected data identifies the current status and gives precise guidelines for the implementation of projects and measures of energy efficiency and renewable energy at the level of municipalities and Canton, which will directly result in a reduction of total energy consumption in the residential sector in the canton, and therefore and reducing pollution.

– Tuzla Canton in this area leads to the entire region. From today Tuzla Canton only has this been done detailed study and overview of the current situation, where for each of the 973 collective residential buildings with four or more apartments knows his ‘personal energy map’, and the necessary investments for its ‘warmth’ – said Executive Director Enova Sarajevo Samir Bajrović, adding that the implementation of the plan resulted in approximately 50% energy saving compared to current consumption.

Implementation of the Action Plan identified measures require significant financial resources and it is a total amount of about 92 million KM, but the possession of this document TK is a significant advantage for specific activities, among others, for applications to international funds.

– Government of Tuzla Canton can not alone carry the burden of implementation of this project, but we are already in the next year budget plan ready in initial funds, which would be added the funds that plan to the local community and resources of certain funds. This will be the initial means by which we would encourage owners of residential buildings that they allocate some financial resources in order to implement certain measures – said Minister Fehratović.

The project has multiple benefits – in addition to energy savings, bears and activate production and the construction sector in TK, and thus create new jobs and significant benefits for themselves owners, announced on the website of the Government of TK.

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