Trebinje – institutions of higher education in the project of energy efficiency

Trebinje – institutions of higher education in the project of energy efficiency

Student Center, Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Production and Management in Trebinje are located within two pavilions (facility) and they have entered into energy efficiency project implemented by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and ekologji RS.

The facilities were built in 1908 and reconstructed in 1999.

Thermal insulation does not exist in any part of the outer shell, most of the windows are original wooden windows, which are in very poor condition (traces of rot, cracks, fractures, defective mechanisms, large infiltration of air, etc.). Only Student Center (which includes part of the ground in each of the two pavilions) has the central heating system, while the other rooms are heated by electric heaters if necessary.

The facilities there is no central cooling system and air conditioning. Lighting is generally performed with fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

On both the pavilion (the building), the development of thermal insulation walls, making thermal insulation of the floor attic construction, replacement of existing facade of windows and doors for new, reconstruction of the heating system, which includes the installation of heat pumps and new installations of heating and body reconstruction system for the preparation of hot water which includes the installation of solar collectors, revitalization of the existing lighting system by installing the appropriate LED lighting.

The goal of rehabilitation is to reduce energy consumption and current energy costs, increase comfort indoors, reducing CO2 emissions, raising the level of awareness of energy efficiency.

In addition, in both buildings will present a selection of a new heating system (via heat pumps) to be enabled at the same time and cooling.

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