Trial release HE Bočac 2 in January 2018 – Start of construction of HPP Krupa end of next year

Trial release HE Bočac 2 in January 2018 – Start of construction of HPP Krupa end of next year

The construction of hydroelectric power plants on the Vrbas Bočac 2 is progressing according to plan and by the autumn should be completed construction of the work, noted in the company Hydropower plants on the Vrbas, which is an investor in the project.

Construction workers have so far been fully transferred the part of the road of highway M-16, and completed the excavation of the downstream cofferdam. Currently finalizing the upstream cofferdam excavation to construction site cave was completely isolated from possible flooding.

– Upon completion of these works will create conditions for the start of the installation of the first elements of hydro-mechanical equipment. By October should be completed all construction works if hydrological conditions in the bed of the Vrbas are at a satisfactory level – said the director of HPP on Vrbas Nedeljko Kesic.

He added that the first test equipment should be carried out in January 2018, followed by the technical acceptance and obtaining use permits and certificates for the production facility.

– We plan to carry out all activities until the beginning of May 2018, when we expect the plant to be fully ready for commissioning – said Kesic.

The investment value is around 40 million KM, a hydroelectric power plant on Vrbas financed from own resources. Installed power plant ten megawatts, with an estimated annual production of 41 gigawatt-hours. With such parameters may be entitled to subsidized production of electricity, which will do highly profitable.

Bočac 2 sprouts on compensatory Lake hydroelectric Bočac where he built dams and installing production units will be allowed to be exploited potential energy already accumulated water, which is so far used only for the regulation of water flows Vrbas River downstream from the dam.

Contractor the upstart company Integral Engineering.

HE Krupa

Nedeljko Kesic announced that at the end of 2018 should begin construction of the hydroelectric Krupa, provided that the construction of power plants Bočac 2 goes according to plan and the company awarded the concession by the Government Office. Installed capacity of the plant should be around 15 MW and annual production of 76 GWh.

– We have carried out exploration and design work and made the conceptual design according to which the estimated value of the investment is approximately EUR 56 million. Our company will be the main financier of its own funds, a portion will provide a loan – said Kesic.

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