UK: Renewable surpassed production from coal

UK: Renewable surpassed production from coal

Renewable energy sources have achieved another record in the UK. According to data released by the government, in 2015, wind energy, hydroelectric power and other green sources covered a quarter of the country's energy needs, while coal power plants were responsible for covering 22% of the energy needs of the United Kingdom.

All in all, according to the Ministry of energy the UK, low-carbon electricity generation (RES and nuclear power), covered the 46% of the national demand for energy.

Renewable energy sources have from 19.1% in 2014 increased to 25% in 2015, while nuclear energy has increased by 2%, from 19% to 21%. Energy produced from gas power plants remained was stable at 30%, while energy from coal plants fell from 30% in 2014 to 22% in 2015.

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