UNDP: better power management to the development of BiH

UNDP: better power management to the development of BiH

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today in Banja Luka marked the 50th anniversary of founding and 20 years of operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the last year, UNDP in development in BiH has invested 73 million dollars, a special focus was placed on energy efficiency – Green Economic Development.

-From The perspective of energy consumption, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with very high energy inefficiency, but at the same time, BiH has one of the most significant potential for energy conservation in the region and could base its further economic development and create new jobs on the basis of improvement of energy efficiency measures in private and public sector – said Sanjin Avdic, Head of energy and environment UNDP BiH.

BiH spends about 20 percent of its GDP on energy, which is three times more than in EU countries and the United States.

Therefore, UNDP in collaboration with its partners, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, the Swedish Embassy in BiH Fund for Environmental Protection of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency RS, implemented the project “Green Economic Development”, with the aim of saving energy saving and routing new priority projects.

The ambition of the Green economic development are very clear: to create the conditions for investments in energy efficiency, increase the number of ‘green jobs’, through new activities and the development of existing and eventually contribute to the development of the market leading to an increase in economic progress – said Avdic.

UNDP global development network of the UN, which operates in nearly 170 countries.

In BiH, for two decades, dedicated to helping the country through strengthening national and local capacity to implement political, economic and social reform and development, and primarily, through a number of active projects based on social inclusion and full elimination of poverty, with the support of international partners in development as a priority objective of the organization to the year 2030.

The celebration in Banja Luka marked the different contents and performances.

Renewable Energy Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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