Vienna households are becoming autonomous energy producers

Vienna households are becoming autonomous energy producers

Vienna city company for energy supply "Wien Energie" expands its business model and offers consumers a new service: the opportunity to produce, store and use electricity wisely.

“Energy trends are going in the direction of decentralization of production, renewable energy and digitalisation, and we use all available opportunities to offer new products and services,” he said during the presentation of a new energy model Michael Strebl, CEO of the company “Wien Energie”.

A new product called “HausMaster” is designed for single family house. It includes a solar photovoltaic system, battery power, electric heater, the charging station different devices and a weather station. All these components are connected with the help of special software, but as final consumers on it can be connected and computers, tablets and smartphones.

“HausMaster” allows the consumer to itself produces electricity that is stored by the battery and to use it if necessary. Electric heater power is converted into heat, and the charging station can be used for an electric car. The software will in future provide a way to manage the heating system, alarm system and raising and lowering blinds.

The user has the ability to monitor their own consumption and thus the increased cost control. The new system allows users to actually optimize energy consumption and make them more independent.

The new photovoltaic system Viennese energy enterprise has an average output of 5 kWp (kilowatt peak), which is optimal for single family home, and there is a possibility of installing a device capacity of 10 kWp.

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