With the new action plan to improve the environment and sustainable development

With the new action plan to improve the environment and sustainable development

In late April 2016, the realization of the project "Development of the Cantonal Plan of Environmental Protection of the Sarajevo Canton for the period 2016 - 2021. (CEPE)", which was commissioned Ministry prostorog Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection, in cooperation with the construction of HP. The developer is a consortium of two companies: '' Institute of Hydro '' dd and '' ENOVA '' Ltd. Sarajevo, who were selected through public procurement.

On this occasion, yesterday, organized by the relevant ministry held the first meeting of the Commission for monitoring and coordination of the project, which has representative of the consortium presented the initial report for the preparation KEAP, which contains, among other things, plan and organize the work on the project, tasks is planning to implement in the coming period and dynamics, key experts involved in drafting KEAP’s, and the like. In addition to the above commission, the process of making this a key strategic document in the field of environmental protection will be accompanied by the Advisory Committee, composed of relevant ministers in certain areas, mayors, representatives of professional institutes and institutions and non-governmental organizations and public utilities.

The aim of provision KEAP’s is that through a comprehensive survey and analysis of the situation identified socio – economic drivers of environmental change (industry, transport, energy, tourism, infrastructure, urban planning, housing facilities, environmental risks from the use of chemicals and the like.) and to determine the environmental impacts that Canton should provide answers, the real planning priority measures, stakeholders and funding for the next five-year period.

Cantonal Plan Environmental determine priorities and actions to improve the environmental situation, and based on the assessment of the current situation and problems in all components of the water, air, soil, nature protection and the like. In assessing the state of the environment in KEAP-in will be used DPSIR method, which was officially adopted by the European Environment Agency.

KEAP-and aims to preserve natural resources, improving the environment and the sustainable development of the Sarajevo Canton, while its purpose is to decision makers at the cantonal and municipal levels allow selection of the most appropriate activities and projects to solve environmental problems, and linking the various levels of government to address issues environment.

The total value of the project amounts to 100,620.00 KM, and funds for its implementation were provided from the budget of Sarajevo Canton. Development of the project will last nine months and involves the implementation of the following activities: development of reports on the state of the environment in the Sarajevo Canton, the list of environmental problems and priorities of the Action Plan Environmental KS and organization of consultative meetings, workshops and public hearings. KEAP adopted by the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton in accordance with the Law on Environmental Protection of the Federation.

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