Wool Line opens facility in Hadzici on September 27th – Domestic insulation of sheep wool goes to the US market

Wool Line opens facility in Hadzici on September 27th – Domestic insulation of sheep wool goes to the US market

Company Wool Line Sarajevo will open on September 27th the new plant in Hadzici, which will begin producing insulation material from sheep wool.

– On this occasion we will prepare ceremony for where the presence of friends and business partners planned to tape the new plant clearing the Mayor of Hadzici Hamdo Ejubović. I am happy to have recognized our efforts which resulted in the start of production of sheep wool insulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina – said Feni director of Wool Line Sarajevo Bahrudin Bojčić.

The natural insulation material is, he says, better than Styrofoam and glass wool as it has about 20% better performance, and for about 30% provides better sound insulation.

– Lifetime insulation from sheep wool is 50 years. The investment in thermal insulation costly initial investment during construction, but will this investment pay off, because it will come back in the form of savings on heating – explains Bojčić.

His plan is that in the next season of cutting, from April to August, redeem the entire amount of raw materials from the area of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina, which ranges from about 1,500 to 2,000 tons of unwashed wool, as will directly benefit about 20,000 sheep farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– We expect that the insulating material soon be on the market of Western Europe, where we’ve established cooperation in the export of 100% natural bedding of our production, such as pillows, quilts, mattresses, nadmadraci. This summer we received an interesting offer for export our products to the US market that has entered the final phase – said Bojcic.

The new plant is set modern production line for insulation from sheep’s wool, which meets all ekograđevinske standards which will, convinced the director Wool line Sarajevo, contribute to the solution of environmental problems and financial exploitation of wool as a valuable and cost-effective resources.

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