Alps Villa – Energy efficient with geothermal energy

Alps Villa – Energy efficient with geothermal energy

The house is located in a clearing, 700 meters above the sea level, close to the “Passo del Cavallo”. The project aims to relate with the Alpine landscape and to fit in the ground.

The house has an irregular “C” plan shaped, with a courtyard opened towards the mountains. The patio allows you to look at the profile of the dolomite rock peaks that seem to close the fourth side of the house. To the south a large continuous window mediates between the interiors and the landscape.

The house consists of three volumes with variable heights. The north-west section seems to disappears into the ground. Starting from the west side, the first part has three bedrooms, two of them overlooking to the patio, and the third one facing to the west towards the clearing. The second volume has a north-south orientation and a variable height from 3.50 to 4.50 m. This highest section features a double height spaces and includes a mezzanine, with a large window for astronomical observation. The house creates an integrated fluid area simultaneously opened to the outside and protected on the east and west sides. All the living spaces are connected by a ceiling made by triangular planes, with a continuous and recessed light system.

The house is sustainable in the settlement balance with the landscape and environmentally friendly in the choice of building materials and insulation. The geothermal system, the heat pumps, the ventilated walls – that create a natural ventilation in the deep walls (65 cm) to protect against cold and over-heating – help to build a house with very low heating costs, consumptions and zero pollution.

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